Website assets identified and profiled for risk? Check.
Real-time reporting? Check.

Now, we move to the final phase of our website security management approach, which uses four different methods for managing vulnerabilities:

1. Open-Source Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) & Snort Integration

WhiteHat Sentinel is the first website vulnerability management solution to integrate verified website vulnerability data with Snort. This integration:

  • Extends IPS from the network space to websites, the #1 target for today’s hackers
  • Enables you to fine tune Snort alerts and correlate findings to reduce noise so security teams can focus on what matters most

2. Developer Remediation

WhiteHat Sentinel’s Web-based reporting provides granular customized reports that include:
•  Detailed vulnerability descriptions
• “Retest now” functionality to confirm effective remediation
• Trend reporting across enterprise websites
•  Open XML API for data export to bug-tracking systems

3. Security Education & Training

We don’t just install solutions, pat you on the back and be on our way. Our courses for developers and security professionals are unmatched for their high value and wealth of information.

4. WAF Integration/Virtual Patching

Integration of a WAF with WhiteHat Sentinel detects and defends against website vulnerabilities via virtual patching. We’re talking rapid identification and repair of vulnerabilities with extreme accuracy and efficiency that will rock your world.




Integration of a WAF with WhiteHat Sentinel detects and defends website vulnerabilities much more efficiently. WAF with WhiteHat Sentinel also resolves the disconnect between compliance intentions and actual security. With virtual patching, the entire industry is able to reach a new level of website protection – providing extreme accuracy and the highest efficiency, while delivering rapid identification and immediate repair of vulnerabilities.  

WhiteHat Sentinel integrates with the following vendors:



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