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Upon sign-in to the Customer portal, you will have access to wide variety of useful resources, user guides, and documentation:

  •  apiDocs – This is an interactive tool allowing the user to explore the API; it is not currently set up with data, so it’s not possible to use the interactive experimentation feature, but it does contain information about methods and parameters for each portion of the API.
  •  Getting Started with Sentinel – This introduction to Sentinel covers the basics of logging on and understanding the dashboards.
  •  Understanding Your Security Status – This document reviews the Findings tab and how to understand the results of your scans.
  •  Understanding and Administrating Your Rating Methodology – This document goes over the two different WhiteHat Rating Methodologies (Legacy & Advanced), how they differ, and how to change from one to the other.
  •  Reporting in Sentinel – This document illustrates the reports that are available in Sentinel.
  •  Administrating Sites – This document goes over how to set up a scanning schedule, establish credentials, and otherwise administer Sites covered by Sentinel.
  •  Administrating Applications – This document goes over how to add an Application and the related code bases, set schedules and credentials, and otherwise administer Apps covered by Sentinel.
  •  WhiteHat Security On-Boarding Documentation – This document goes over the WhiteHat Security Onboarding process for New DAST or SAST Customers.