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PRODUCTION WEBSITES – Which Service is Right for You?

Website security is definitely not a one-size-fits-all issue. Options matter – especially when it comes to something as business-critical as the security of your websites. That’s why WhiteHat offers four different subscription options for production websites to suit your specific needs and budget, based on your unique risk exposure: Premium Edition (PE), Standard Edition (SE), Baseline Edition (BE), BE Enterprise.


Below is an easy-to-use chart which highlights these options, and their unique features and benefits.


      Sentinel Premium Edition (PE)   Sentinel Standard Edition (SE)   Sentinel Baseline
Edition (BE) / BE Enterprise
      WhiteHat Sentinel Premium Edition (PE) is for permanent websites that are mission-critical, with multi-step forms, and rigorous compliance requirements. All SE and business logic testing is included.

  Sentinel SE is for websites that are permanent fixtures, but not necessarily mission- critical. SE tests for and verifies technical vulnerabilities including issues involving multi-step forms and logins.   Sentinel BE is the foundational solution that covers all your website assets and protects basic, less-critical sites. BE Enterprise is a massively scalable “best value” solution designed to fit any environment.
    Common Features Available to All Service Levels
Verified, prioritized results eliminate false positives
Continuous assessment
PCI Compliance
Highly scalable across the enterprise
Access to WhiteHat Security Engineers
Production safe
Scanner configuration and continuous tuning
Business logic testing
Proof of concepts for vulnerabilities
Multi-level authentication testing
  WhiteHat Support Plus: Support Plus Standard is included in all WhiteHat Sentinel subscriptions.
Support Plus Silver, Gold, and Platinum are available for an additional fee.

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