Application Security Essentials Toolkit

Financial Services Organizations

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Cybercriminals Target Financial Services. Fight Back!

WhiteHat’s Application Security Essentials Toolkit – designed specifically for Financial Services – is intended to help you understand the steps you need to take to secure your apps. 


Our Application Security Essentials Toolkit includes:

  1. From the Trenches: SANS 2016 Survey on Security and Risk in the Financial Sector
  2. IDC Technology Spotlight: Continuous Application Security for Financial Services
  3. Guide to Financial Services Regulatory Environment 
  4. WhiteHat Security Web Application Statistics Report – Financial Services Edition




The Kit provides a rich source of information about today’s application security landscape, with actionable ideas about how best to arm your organization against the potential breaches that seem to be lurking around every corner.

As a member of the financial services management team, you know that you can’t afford to take application security lightly – the risks are just too great.



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Cybersecurity is a focus of our supervision...we regard this as a significant threat to financial institutions.

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