Getting the Board OnBoard with Application Security

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While your board-level executives may understand Network Security and firewalls, Application Security is a completely different discipline. You can’t simply apply status quo security methods to address web application vulnerabilities. In fact, doing so puts your organization at great risk.

Web applications are the target of an ever-increasing number of hackers. In many cases, these incidents result in denial of web or mobile app access, breach of customer data and even fraudulent activity. We can help your organization get on track with a strong Application Security program.

Register for this webinar to learn how to:

 – Assess the limitations and potential risks of relying on perimeter security

 – Educate your board of directors about cybersecurity

 – Make the case for Application Security

 – Incorporate AppSec into more mature network security practices

 – Make AppSec visible to executives, and across your security and development organizations