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Secure Coding Practices Part 2: Avoid OS Command Injection Attacks

In this webinar, WhiteHat shows you how command injection attacks work and how you can prevent them with real-world examples.


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Secure Coding Practices Part 1: Avoid Mail Command Injection Attacks

In this webinar, join WhiteHat Security to gain a deeper understanding of common web application vulnerabilities.


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Path Traversal: The Cause and the Cure

WhiteHat Security has built one of the largest and skilled teams of security experts anywhere on the planet. Join us to gain insight from this team.


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Why Business Executives Should Think Like Hackers

The Emerging Threats of Hacking Across the Business Landscape

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On-Demand Webinars

Web Applications Security Statistics

In this insightful and data-rich one-hour webinar Ryan O’Leary, Vice President of WhiteHat Security’s Threat Research Center and Technical Support, and Tamir Hardof, Chief Marketing Officer, will present findings from our 2016 Web Applications Security Statistics Report.




Web Application Security Stats Report

Ryan O’Leary talks about the WhiteHat Security 2016 Web Applications Security Statistics Report.



Who’s That Hacker? Know Your Enemies and Your Allies

Know your risk! From Security Researchers to Terrorist Hackers and everything in-between, understanding the various threat actors and their motivations can give you an advantage when it comes to protecting your organization.


Threat Reports

Web Applications Security Statistics Report 2016

WhiteHat Security 2016 Website Security Statistics Report takes a look at stats by industry, application security vulnerabilities, remediation and time-to fix by vulnerability class and risk rating.

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White Papers

Application Security Testing as a Foundation for Secure DevOps

As organizations rapidly develop web applications and/or transition to agile development, security practices can often get overlooked. In order to meet the demand while improving the protection of applications from vulnerabilities and attacks, DevOps must expand to include information security to become DevSecOps.

Solution Briefs

Business Logic Assessments: Uncovering Flaws in Application Business Logic

Sentinel Dynamic offers manual business logic assessments (BLAs) to identify vulnerabilities in applications that automated scanners cannot find.

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WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic

WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic is designed to scan your websites for vulnerabilities continuously, and detect code changes to your web applications to offer an "always-on" risk assessment.


White Papers

Five Days to Setting Up an Application Security Program

An AppSec program is intended to implement security measures throughout the SDLC. This guide is a short, straightforward introduction to setting up or improving your Application Security Program.