Software Composition Analysis

The Linchpin of Modern Software Development


An estimated 90 percent of your code is from open source and third-party libraries. How are you verifying that you have their latest version and these are free from security issues such as Heartbleed, Poodle, Freak, Drown, Shellshock, or Apache Struts 2 RCE?

WhiteHat Software Composition Analysis (SCA) allows you to identify third-party and open source components that have been integrated into all your applications. It informs you about the licenses for each of them and identifies out-of-date libraries that should be upgraded or patched. SCA tells you if any open source frameworks have open CVEs that must be addressed.



Full Inspection of Third-Party Components

In order to fully understand your application vulnerabilities and the overall security posture of your web and mobile applications, you need in-depth visibility into the third-party components that you are using. WhiteHat Sentinel Source Software Composition Analysis (SCA) can provide you with a deeper understanding of the open source code in your applications.



SCA high visiblity

Accelerate Time-to-Market with SDLC Integration

SDLC Integrations, with Bug Tracking, ALM, and other developer tools, gives developers data about their code early in the process. They can safely and confidently utilize open source code, without introducing unnecessary risk.

SCA accurate detection

Integrated into SAST Solution

WhiteHat Software Composition Analysis is fully integrated into the WhiteHat Sentinel Application Security Platform, providing everything through a single pane of glass.

SCA improved quality

Effortless Visibility into your Risk Posture

SCA dashboard shows CVE, versions, and license details, and reports on vulnerabilities that may have licensing and security issues.

SCA enhanced agility

Free from False Positives and supported by TRC

Findings are free from false positives. Remediation guidance and direct access to WhiteHat Threat Research Center.

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