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WhiteHat Scout

Static analysis for developers

Static Analysis

Applications are the foundation of a digital business and developing secure applications is critical to an organization’s overall risk posture and bottom line. Traditional security testing is typically conducted near the end of the software development life cycle. But in this model, by the time the flaws are discovered, it is too late and fixing defects can cost organizations immensely in terms of lost time, wasted resources for rework, and additional unnecessary costs.

As more and more development teams adopt fast waterfall, agile SDLC, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes, and DevOps tools, what is needed is to shift security left in the SDLC – closer to the developers – and to equip developers with the right tools and processes to create more secure software right from the get-go.

WhiteHat ScoutTM, a part of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, is our new static application security testing (SAST) offering, focused squarely on developers. With Scout, developers can scan their code for security vulnerabilities as a part of their iterative, fast-paced, agile SDLC processes. Scout offers unmatched accuracy and speed needed for secure DevOps implementations, powered by WhiteHat’s Attack Vector IntelligenceTM (AVI) technology. The AVI technology is a combination of our patented correlation-based machine intelligence plus our Threat Research Center’s 16 years of data on application vulnerabilities and more than 100,000,000 verified attack vectors.

With WhiteHat Scout, developers can:

  • Test their applications quickly and easily, as they are writing code
  • Iteratively scan Java apps to support rapid “scan-fix-scan” cycles
  • Treat security defects like functional defects and make fixing them a part of their normal daily activities
  • Minimize security risks by writing more secure code
  • Embrace static analysis as a fast and easy iterative process


Catch ’em early

Get early, accurate, and quick visibility into security flaws and areas of risk for your applications in development

Embrace DevSecOps

Be on your way to true secure DevOps by using static analysis as a part of your security unit testing, in your normal workflows

Speed up time-to-fix

With detailed insights into flaws, and comprehensive remediation guidance, easily fix common security defects before you ship code out

Security in your back pocket

Become a secure coding hero by improving the quality and security of your code every time, with private security feedback

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