Sentinel Source for Microservices

Securing your Microservices using Static Application Security Testing


Businesses are rapidly adopting the modern way of creating applications using a microservices based architecture. While microservices have accelerated the process of building software by offering an agile, scalable, and reliable way of composing large applications, they have also increased the attack surface because of the dozens of different microservices that make up an application.

 The best way to secure these microservices are while they are in development by using static analysis. The cost to find and fix flaws is low, and shifting security considerations earlier in the SDLC affords the most impactful and cost-effective way to secure these microservices.

 Sentinel Source for Microservices, a service of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, is our Static Application Security Testing (SAST) offering that enables organizations to embrace application security in this microservices world. Sentinel Source scans your microservices code, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides detailed vulnerability descriptions and remediation advice.

 Sentinel Source for Microservices enables you to:

  • Assess code at any point in the development cycle – even partial code.
  • Run scheduled assessment daily or on demand.
  • Preserve your intellectual property – source code can be scanned within your premises
  • Scale application security to meet the needs of your organization with the WhiteHat Application Security Platform


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Continuous Security

Secure microservices with continuous application security monitoring.

Suited for Secure DevOps

Adopt a DevOps approach to microservices security via comprehensive SDLC integrations to provide security at the speeds needed.

Access to Experts

Remediation guidance and access to TRC security experts via Ask-a-Question feature.

Early Visibility

Reduce the cost of rework and remediation by catching vulnerabilities early in the SDLC.

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