Directed Remediation

Ready-to-implement code patches for common vulnerabilities


Development teams are constantly under pressure to hit tight project schedules and produce high-quality code that meets security, compliance and other requirements. However, developers don’t necessarily have the security expertise to identify and fix vulnerabilities in their code, which can quickly become overwhelming. Directed Remediation is a WhiteHat Sentinel Source feature that offers targeted and customized fixes for a growing list of vulnerabilities*, significantly reducing the burden on the development team.

*We are continually expanding the types of vulnerabilities and languages supported by Directed Remediation





Fast and accurate

Security vulnerabilities are quickly identified along with proposed fixes.

Trusted security expertise

All fixes are pre-verified by the Threat Research Center; leverages secure WhiteHat libraries.

application security for executives

Improved productivity

Use precise, ready-to-use code patches to fix vulnerabilities

coding vulnerabilities

Enhanced agility

Remediate earlier in the SDLC prior to production.

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