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SAST Overview

The role of today’s software developer has become multifaceted, with increased responsibilities to do more in less time, all while keeping applications secure. In this environment, speed of development and security can end up in conflict – often with security being overlooked.

WhiteHat Sentinel Source, a part of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, is our static application security testing (SAST) product. It is used for scanning source code of the most commonly-used programming languages, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing actionable vulnerability reports, as well as offering Software Composition Analysis and ready-to-implement code fixes for certain vulnerabilities. Scanning of binary files for certain languages is also available.

Sentinel Source offers unmatched accuracy needed for secure DevOps implementations, powered by WhiteHat’s Attack Vector IntelligenceTM (AVI) technology. The AVI technology is a combination of our patented correlation-based machine intelligence plus our Threat Research Center’s 16 years of data on application vulnerabilities and more than 100,000,000 verified attack vectors.




SAST Benefits

Well suited for agile development

Includes integrations to key developer tools and support for CI/CD processes; enables remediation of critical vulnerabilities earlier in the SDLC to reduce application risk and exposure.

Intellectual property stays onsite

Test your source code within your own environment, so there is no need to upload source code or binaries to a new location. (Cloud options are also available.)

IDE integration and direct access to TRC improves productivity

Developers can view individual vulnerability descriptions and remediation advice, see corresponding source code, track and fix vulnerabilities and ask a question to TRC security experts, all from within their IDE.

agile development

Saves time and accelerates app development/deployment

Delivers actionable results containing pre-verified vulnerabilities that are rated and ranked based on threat severity, along with custom remediation advice.

Customer Reviews

" WhiteHat Sentinel Source immediately improved security and saved us time and effort, all without having to change any of our infrastructure. Importantly, with Sentinel Source running in parallel with Sentinel Dynamic, we now have full coverage throughout our entire SDLC "

Alper Ümit Yilmaz, Director of IT Service & System Operations-n11.com

" Static code scans have found problems before they go to production. "

Daniel Bondurant-Wiredrive

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