Secure Code Development

Embed security into the SDLC

It is very easy for developers to lose sight of security best practices as they crank out code at breakneck speeds. As high profile attacks become a pervasive problem, virtually every company is vulnerable to data loss, damage to reputation, and hits to the bottom line. Companies need to build security into their applications rather than dealing with it in production or after a breach.

Our WhiteHat Sentinel Source static application security testing (SAST) solution scans your entire source code, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides detailed remediation advice. WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center (TRC) validates every potential vulnerability, enabling you to focus your efforts on actual bugs and defects.




Develop Secure Software

Ensure that your applications are secure before they go into production.

Cost Effective Software Development

You can assess code at any point in the development process, catching critical vulnerabilities earlier in the software development lifecycle.

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Improve Productivity

We integrate with best-of-breed Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, so you can work with the tools of your choice, without impacting productivity.

Free Up Developer Resources

WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center (TRC) validates every potential vulnerability so you can focus your remediation efforts on actual bugs and defects.

" WhiteHat has identified some pretty significant vulnerabilities in our code that we wouldn’t have detected ourselves. We were able to share these mistakes with our entire development team which has led to more secure code being deployed to production. "

Benjamin Mallo-AssetMark | Source: TechValidate. TVID: F3A-364-5AF

" WhiteHat has allowed the developers to get real-time access to the vulnerabilities in their applications without having to wait for my team to respond. This has reduced workload on my team, while empowering the development teams to help themselves. "

Security Manager-Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company | Source: TechValidate. TVID: 84D-5AC-60B

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