Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

Protect applications in real time

Speed of innovation and rapid development schedules are leaving teams resource-constrained. Often there are vulnerability backlogs from legacy applications, making it challenging to prioritize what needs to be fixed and in what order.

Whether you have a long list of critical vulnerabilities or need to prioritize a backlog of issues, the WhiteHat Sentinel – Prevoty Application Monitoring and Protection (AMP) integration brings together the best of dynamic application security testing (DAST) and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP). This enables you to automatically detect and mitigate certain vulnerability classes and reduce your risk through lowered vulnerability exposure. This also allows your development teams to prioritize remediation efforts to focus on critical vulnerabilities.

 runtime application self protection



Instant Protection

Simultaneously detect and mitigate vulnerabilities lowering exposure time.

Immediate Visibility

Real time visibility into the applications that are under attack.

Reduce Remediation Costs

Sentinel-Prevoty seamless integration allows applications to automatically defend against attacks without requiring changes to the application source code.

Improve Vulnerability Management

Sentinel user interface and comprehensive reports on mitigated vulnerabilities.

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