Vulnerability Remediation

Helping you fix vulnerabilities

The software developer’s role has become multifaceted, with increasing responsibilities yet shorter timelines. Too often, the speed of development and security end up in conflict, with security given a lower priority.

WhiteHat Security vulnerability remediation solutions are specifically designed to propel you towards understanding and remediating your security vulnerabilities – without slowing down your development efforts. WhiteHat Security has partnered with AsTech Consulting to create WhiteHat Remediation Services, which can rapidly improve vulnerability remediation and demonstrate the results through custom WhiteHat Sentinel remediation performance reporting.



Improve Remediation Rates

Rapidly improve remediation rates and demonstrate the results through AsTech Consulting expertise and WhiteHat Sentinel vulnerability remediation performance reporting.

Vulnerability Remediation Review

Remediation experts  conduct a thorough review of your resource and technology integration and provide recommendations for improvement.

Enable Secure Development

Train your developers on the best ways to remediate vulnerabilities and, whenever possible, how to avoid them.

Protect Your Applications

Let WhiteHat Security remediation solutions help you understand your security vulnerabilities and protect your business.

" WhiteHat Security’s method of validating vulnerabilities found has given our team the credibility we had lost when reporting vulnerabilities found via other scanners. Our Development teams now trust the reports and findings we are requesting they validate, and the amount of False Positives we are having to process has sunk significantly. "

IT Specialist-Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

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