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Two Different Functions, One Common Goal

Devops Security

Two different check lists, two different functions, and – ultimately – two different languages. One speaks the language of security, the other, the language of DevOps. But they share one common goal: Build the applications that drive and secure the business.

The right application security solution should be like a “universal translator”, bringing the worlds of Security and Development together to create a true DevSecOps team: a collective focused on delivering new and secure apps quickly, and committed to ensuring every application remains secure through its entire life cycle. A good goal considering that apps are now the heartbeat of the digital business.

The WhiteHat Sentinel Application Security Platform is that universal translator. Providing AppSec solutions for the entire SDLC, Sentinel is the ideal fit for agile development teams that need security to be integrated into their tools, and for security teams that need a continuous testing solution for keeping apps secure in production. Sentinel supports mobile AppSec testing as well, so those roaming apps are as secure as your earthbound apps.

WhiteHat Sentinel Application Security Platform








  • Scale an AppSec program to all DevOps teams
  • Use analytics to communicate risk to business stakeholders
  • Learn more about WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic for continuous appsec testing in production and  WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile for securing mobile apps