WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile

A Comprehensive Approach to Mobile Security Testing


Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives over the last ten years. With a billion users and more than twice that many applications, mobile usage has created a world where people conduct much of their lives and business on line, on the go. We know you need to make sure your customers can use your mobile apps with confidence.

WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile, an industry-leading mobile security testing & assessment platform, has solutions for testing applications in production as well as source code reviews in development. We employ state-of-the-art tools and mature review processes, as well as forensic investigation into the business processes and data calls each app makes. Every vulnerability found in your mobile application is verified by an expert security engineers at our Threat Research Center (TRC).



Complete mobile app coverage

Secures your critical apps with industry leading mobile application security testing. Leverages the power of dynamic analysis, static analysis of mobile source code, and manual assessments.

Verified, actionable results

The experts in WhiteHat’s Threat Research Center validate every potential vulnerability so you can focus your remediation efforts on verified bugs and defects.

SDLC integration

Sentinel Mobile integrates with ALM tools, IDEs, bug tracking systems, and CI servers, making it easy to deploy and integrate into your systems.

Access to a team of security experts

You can approach our TRC engineers with your questions regarding vulnerabilities and obtain remediation guidance, right from the Sentinel portal itself.

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