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Healthcare is the most regulated industry in the U.S. and Healthcare data breaches are on the rise, which can lead to lawsuits, revenue loss, and brand damage. Healthcare organizations also commonly integrate third-party apps as part of their software portfolio, which are also susceptible to critical vulnerabilities. Still, 50% of healthcare organizations’ applications were rated “always vulnerable,” according to the 2016 Web Applications Security Statistics Report. It’s time to close the gaps.

NTT | Application Security is a leader and pioneer in the field of application security. We combine technology and human intelligence to deliver solutions that reduce cost and accelerate the deployment of secure applications and web sites. NTT Application Security supports risk reduction and compliance needs by combining best-in-class application security technology with the expertise of over 150 security researchers from our Service Delivery.


PCI DSS Compliance

Governance & Compliance

Our application security solutions and reporting help you achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations by providing continuous assessments, remediation advice, and reporting.

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Continuous Assessment

We provide options of on-premise or an easy-to-deploy cloud-based platform, and can concurrently scan an unlimited number of sites without slowing your network down, providing constant checking and recommendations.

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End-to-End Visibility

You can assess code and identify and fix vulnerabilities at any point in the development process, or assess third-party apps, and ensure security is built into your apps from the start.

cybersecurity in healthcare

Best Practices in Coding

Your development team can learn best practices in secure application design and remediation guidance using visualizations based on OWASP-listed attack vectors.

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