Interactive Application Security Testing

Real-time Security Analysis for Securing DevOps

IAST Overview

The biggest challenge faced by application security teams is the influx of inaccurate vulnerability information, requiring hours of your time and resources to process.  Separating real, actionable vulnerabilities from the slew of false positives is a time and resource intensive task that slows you down considerably. Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) solutions provide a higher level of accuracy by using a variety of techniques. One such technique is to leverage machine learning and advanced correlation to provide rapid and accurate security results as dynamic analysis is performed on applications.


Powered by Attack Vector IntelligenceTM (AVI) technology, WhiteHat uses advanced machine learning and correlation techniques to remove false positive results automatically. WhiteHat provides dynamic analysis with accurate results to test applications as early as development and build stages, to offer rapid and accurate security analysis of running applications. The industry’s most accurate results are available within a developer’s IDE or via defect management systems such as JIRA or via the Sentinel Platform API.


Instrumentation via an agent is not necessary with WhiteHat’s solution as it may create performance and compatibility issues in your application runtime. With WhiteHat IAST’s accurate, high speed results provided by real-time analysis of the application by the AVI powered DAST engine, you get the data you need to respond to an attack and fix the identified vulnerabilities rapidly.

IAST Benefits

Unmatched Accuracy

AVI technology based on advanced machine learning and correlation techniques provides industry’s most accurate results

SCA high visiblity

Continuous, High-Speed Security

Continuous security assessment coverage for running applications with quick security feedback

Broad SDLC Integrations

Comprehensive set of SDLC plug-ins including IDEs, bug-tracking systems, CI/CD tools, and API based integrations available

SCA improved quality

Extensive Coverage

Application runtime and programming language agnostic solution provides broad coverage, free from app runtime and language limitations

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