Developer Tools Integration


Sentinel Dynamic provides plug-ins and integrations for build servers like Jenkins, bug trackers such as Jira, as well as ALM tools with WhiteHat Integration Server. This makes it easy to get prioritized Sentinel-identified vulnerabilities automatically routed to the right developers, then seamlessly tracked, resolved and retested. For example, developers can view vulnerability descriptions and remediation advice and ask a question to TRC engineers, entirely within Jira.  

To download the integration plug-ins, go to our Customer Portal. Contact WhiteHat Sales for WhiteHat Integration Server license information.




Wide breadth of integrations

Flexible options enable you to choose how to best integrate security into your SDLC.

Support for workflows

Plug-in for Jenkins CI build tool enables automated security scanning of production websites, as well as code currently in development.

Improved Developer Productivity

Detailed vulnerability descriptions and helpful remediation advice, direct ask-a-question to the TRC, and Jira bug tracking of both DAST and SAST vulnerabilities speeds app deployment.    

WhiteHat Integration Server ALM Tools

Provides real-time synchronization of Sentinel vulnerability information with best-in-class bug trackers, such as Bugzilla, and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools, such as HP ALM and IBM Rational Team Concert, for enhanced cross-tools visibility, information sharing, and traceability.