WhiteHat Discovery

Find and Catalog Your Public Facing Web Applications

Discovery Overview 


Understanding the exposures to your organization as they exist on the internet is critical to knowing what needs to be protected. Visibility empowers you to deliver an unobstructed view into your assets, making the pertinent data easy to see and, therefore, manage and protect.

WhiteHat Discovery is a point-in-time reporting of automated discovery and detailed inventory of external assets that comprise an organization’s attack surface. It allows an enterprise to readily discover and understand unknown, rogue, and exposed internet-facing web assets, apps, and infrastructure across diverse domains, ASN, IPs, hosting sites, and service providers that are connected with their organization. Armed with this intelligence, enterprises can reduce their attack surface and protect their business, brand, and customers.


Discovery Benefits

On-Demand Rich Reporting

Online reports can be shared internally and allows for external asset data export via CSV into popular vulnerability, GRC, and asset management solutions.

Fully Automated

Generate a list of assets that are connected to your organization based off a keystone owned asset and WhiteHat Discovery’s observed historical data and advanced algorithms.

Actionable Insights

Enable vulnerability teams to understand the components operating on internet-facing assets in real-time to match vulnerabilities.

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