WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer

Secure Coding De-Mystified

You’re developing applications at the speed of light, but now there’s a new requirement that could slow you down: security. Yet it’s essential; vulnerable applications are often the wormhole connecting malicious hackers to an organization’s assets.

WhiteHat wants to make it easy for developers to explore and conquer the world of application security. We’re experts in AppSec, so we’ve launched a Certified Secure Developer Program (WCSD) to enable all developers to write secure code while maintaining the agility and speed their organizations demand. Led by some of the planet’s leading AppSec experts, this program includes a 5-part webinar training series AND complimentary access to a supplemental computer-based training course (worth $500).

Complete the program requirements, pass the certification test and become an official WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer (WCSD).




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What You Get When You Pass the Certification Test

WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer certificate

Complete all missions and become a WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer.

Virtual Badges

Earn completion badges along the way and post them to LinkedIn, GitHub or wherever you like!


Five introductory webinars to get you started writing secure code

Certificate of Completion for 5 hours of CPE credits for the OWASP Top 10 for Developers Course


Access to “OWASP Top 10 for Developers” computer-based training (CBT) course


WhiteHat Security Certified Software Developer Certification Test

This test will assess the knowledge of the course participants via a certification exam. In order to receive the certification, participants must answer at least 75% of the questions correctly. Participants must complete all prior webinars to be eligible for this exam.

Terms & Conditions

On-demand webinars available now. Free CBT course and certification exam available in February 2018. Users must complete certification before September 30, 2018. Also, must pass certification test with 75% correct answers. One re-test allowed.

WhiteHat Security doesn’t guarantee that all the code written by a WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer is necessarily secure and free of present or future vulnerabilities.