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Managing application security is complex and the more websites you have, the more difficult it is to spot the websites that need immediate attention. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, roughly 40% of the breaches are the result of attacks on the application layer, the need to know exactly which applications make you most vulnerable remains as important as ever.

WhiteHat Security Index (WSI) enables you to understand the overall security status of your websites. It also provides you with a common metric to compare the security posture of each of your websites. Calculated from a comprehensive set of indicator data, including window of exposure, number of vulnerabilities, time-to-fix, remediation rate, and more, the WSI gives you an instant, visual overview of the robustness of your security posture.


Effortless visibility

See your most and least secure websites at-a-glance to quickly pinpoint the ones that need immediate attention.

Data-driven risk prioritization

Measure and monitor risk with one score and prioritize remediation activities based on risk.

Security trend monitoring

View trend graphs for each website to assess how the security state is changing over time, and take corrective actions.

Peer benchmarking

Compare security status of your websites with others in your industry and globally.

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