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Application security programs implemented by organizations vary greatly by industry vertical. While some risk and security considerations for heavily regulated industries such as financial services or healthcare may not be same as those for IT or education, companies within a vertical have similar concerns. An application security program needs peer benchmarking to accurately measure security profile against peers within the same industry and globally.

WhiteHat Security’s Sentinel platform has assessed tens of thousands of websites across a range of verticals. The Peer Benchmarking dashboard within WhiteHat Sentinel displays a comparison on key metrics including number of open vulnerabilities, average time-to-fix, and average remediation rates for your web applications to industry and global averages.

security peer benchmarking


Credible benchmarks

Years of data and analytics on security metrics offer comparable, credible peer benchmarking.

Security and continuous monitoring

Track your application security posture by comparing your web applications’ risk profile with industry peers.

Risk-based prioritization

Develop an understanding of where to commit more resources and prioritize remediation efforts.

Web application security

Comprehensive reporting

Communicate performance of your application security program to upper management using industry and global data.

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