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NTT Application Security is driving the future of application security. For nearly 20 years, organizations around the globe have relied on NTT Application Security to secure their business’ digital footprint in an increasingly application-driven world. Bolstered by its award-winning, cloud-based application security testing platform, NTT Application Security delivers industry-leading accuracy by combining artificial and human intelligence to help security teams quickly identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities.

Through the Focused Partner Program, NTT Application Security can collaborate with you on targeted, qualified introductions to your Enterprise clients who may need Application Security Testing Services for their production applications and APIs. Benefits include:

  • Easy deal registration
  • Fabulous margins
  • Great renewal margins
  • Aggressive spiff program
  • Create new opportunities and add value to existing opportunities

Interested in becoming an NTT Application Security partner? Contact us today at to find out how!