Archer Technology – SmartSuite Framework Integration

The integration of WhiteHat Sentinel with the Archer SmartSuite Framework will enhance a customer’s ability to manage enterprise wide risk by proactively identifying, tracking, and managing the remediation of critical vulnerabilities on Web applications. This integration allows customers to automatically import dynamic vulnerability scan results from WhiteHat Sentinel into Archer’s Website Security Review on-demand application. Vulnerability data is securely downloaded from Sentinel using the Archer Data Feed Manager, a flexible, code-free tool for aggregating information within the Archer SmartSuite Framework.

Business managers will be able to analyze and report on vulnerabilities affecting their business critical websites in one single view by risk and category — providing both critical vulnerability data and compliance deficiencies. Users can assign ownership to the individual issues, track remediation efforts, proactively address issues before their systems are jeopardized, or accept the associated business risk.

Archer / WhiteHat Integration Benefits

  • Automatically import WhiteHat Sentinel assessment results into Archer’s Website Security Review on-demand application using the Archer Data Feed Manager.
  • Quickly assess the results of vulnerability scans, and identify departments that require vulnerability remediation.
  • Proactively assign tasks to responsible individuals to address high-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Map scan results to business-critical devices, vulnerability advisories, vulnerability scan requests, IP address management tasks and policy exception requests.
  • Integrate with other solutions such as Archer’s Asset Management solution to gain a broader understanding of their risk. 


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