Growing the Ranks of Women in AppSec

On-Demand Webinar

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On-Demand Webinar

Women make up only 10-11% of the security workforce, and this number hasn’t changed in the past couple of years. The solution to filling the cybersecurity workforce gap seems simple – hire more women. But how? What can be done to entice women into security? Is a specific university degree the only path to success?

The women of WhiteHat will gather to talk about how we each found our way into the field of security, from technical perspectives to management and leadership, without necessarily coming from a pure computer science background.

In this round-table discussion we’ll discuss:

  • Our first security jobs – how were we recruited or interviewed for this field
  • The non-security skills that have helped us build a security career
  • What would have helped an entry into security earlier in our careers
  • Good entry-level security jobs, and basic classes or resources
  • Certifications that helped us succeed, plus vendor training

Whether you’re a manager looking to find new sources of talent, an IT worker looking at security career options, or just trying to figure out what to do about the gender gap in your organization, we invite you to the table to talk.


Panelist Speakers:

  • Ruchika Mishra, Product Marketing Team Lead
  • Katie Skelton, Training Supervisor
  • Kate Haworth, Application Security Engineer
  • Aurora Quinn-Elmore, Product Manager
  • Jeannie Warner, Moderator