Applying Security to Twelve Factor App

Developing a Security Addendum

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You may have already heard of the “Twelve Factor App”. The Twelve Factor App captured a methodology that developers can apply to build software-as-a-service apps that are both scalable and maintainable in a DevOps world.

We are often asked by our customers “how do we, as developers, build a Twelve Factor App securely”? As a result of supporting such requests over the years, we have developed a Security Addendum to the Twelve Factor App. This addendum was written specifically for developers and architects, providing actionable guidance on how to materially improve the state of security across each of the twelve factors.

Join Eric Sheridan, Chief Scientist and Sandeep Potdar, Principal Product Manager, for a dive into the Security Addendum to the Twelve Factor App.

You will learn:

  • How the Security Addendum evolved from our customer experiences
  • Unique criteria that set the most successful adopters apart from the rest
  • Security considerations and actions to be taken across each of the twelve factors.

In addition, we will also provide a Security Addendum checklist that you and your team can utilize to assist in your journey.