Securing Microservices in a DevOps World

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Traditional software development processes (including waterfall, fast waterfall, agile, etc.) involve relatively large teams working on a single, monolithic deployment artifact. A microservices architecture, on the other hand, provides a different approach to software development. The monolith is instead disassembled and composed by a set of independent microservices working in concert.

While a microservices architecture in itself offers agility, scale, and reliability to enterprise applications, it comes with a tradeoff. With all these independent microservices, the attack surface for the application is increased and making sure that these are secure, is challenging.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Provide an overview of the microservices architecture,
  • Discuss the challenges in securing microservices, and
  • Explain how adopting a secure DevOps approach is important when building applications with a microservices framework.