Getting the Sec into DevSecOps

Whose Job is it Really?

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Getting app development, DevOps and security teams all on the same page when it comes to implementing AppSec testing in development workflows is often a difficult task.

Developers need to do frequent code releases to meet continuous integration (CI) process requirements. Adding security testing into this process is often met with resistance and poor adoption, unless it’s done correctly with the right security training, developer and CI tools integrations, and corporate security buy in by all involved.

Join us as 451’s Scott Crawford and WhiteHat Security’s Anna Chiang discuss what’s needed to truly integrate security into a DevOps environment. Topics include:

  • Technical and process enablers needed to instill a DevOps culture in cross-functional groups within an organization
  • Deep dive into necessary and CI tools integrations to seamlessly integrate security testing into DevOps workflows
  • The advantages of integrating security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from a DevOps principals and security risk perspective