2018 Cyber Security Predictions for an Unpredictable World

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It’s right before the holidays, so might be a great time to shift gears and join an interesting and lively discussion about what 2018 may hold in store when it comes to cyber security predictions.


 – Will Twitter and Facebook continue to be compromised by trolls aiming to fan the flames of discord?

 – Will API security rule the day?

 – Are U.S. companies doing business in EMEA ready for GDPR?

 – Will IT and/or security teams stay on top of patching software, or will there be more breach headlines as a result of unpatched vulnerabilities?

 – Will DevSecOps really take hold to make friends and collaborators of development and security teams?

 – Will we see self-driving cars seriously hacked?

 – Will huge botnet networks conduct large DDoS attacks?


Join WhiteHat’s Chief Security Research Officer, Ryan O’Leary, and a cast of experts from our Security Research Institute and Threat Research Center, as they share their cyber security predictions for 2018. They’ll also provide some tips on what organizations can do to anticipate and mitigate the security challenges in the year ahead.

We want everyone to live a safe digital life! Let’s make 2018 a happy and healthy year online. Get a jump start by joining us for this engaging webinar.

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