Sleeping With The Enemy

Achieving Agility AND Security

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Dev and Ops teams have their preferred tool-sets when it comes to their workflows. And, when you add security into the mix, it creates a veritable mish-mash of tools, approaches, and designs, that may or may not work together.


To achieve true agility throughout the application development process, what is really needed is a consistent approach, one that can work with all these teams, tools, and processes, and aligns them in a way that this marriage of Security and DevOps stops being a distant dream and starts to look attainable.


Join 451 Research analyst Scott Crawford and WhiteHat Security’s Mike Goldgof as they discuss approaches and solutions for achieving security in the age of agility. You’ll take away:


  • Actionable ideas for breaking down silos between development, operations and security teams
  • Strategies on how to get integrated, shareable information about findings and actions across multiple points in the agile pipeline
  • Findings from some of the latest research on how some organizations have realized the benefits of DevSecOps