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WhiteHat Security Launches WhiteHat Learning Labs to Provide Industry’s Best Digital One-Stop-Shop for DevOps Security Training and Education


Tools, best practices and training for implementing DevSecOps

Santa Clara, Calif., September 13, 2017 – WhiteHat Security, the leading application security provider committed to securing digital business, today unveiled WhiteHat Learning Labs, an online, central repository for application security knowledge, resources, and training for secure DevOps education to enhance the skills and understanding of both information security and development teams. The new resource center comes on time for National Cyber Security Awareness month in October, and in the wake of recent high-profile breaches which have called attention specifically to the need for increased application security focus and understanding.

WhiteHat has been a leader in securing applications for sixteen years. The company’s Threat Research Center (TRC) team of more than 150 security engineers has collected and analyzed more application vulnerability data than any other organization in the world. The accumulated knowledge of the experts in the TRC has been channeled into AppSec education and training programs, including a Crash Course Series, security bootcamps, an annual application security statistics report, ongoing “how-to” webinars, technical blogs, and Computer-Based Training (CBT) offerings. With the unveiling of the WhiteHat Learning Labs, all of WhiteHat’s educational opportunities come together in one easy-to-access portal, organized by job function, to help everyone in an organization understand how best practices in application security apply to them.

The CBTs offered through Learning Labs have courses for all key constituents: from OWASP Top 10 courses for Managers and Developers, to Threat Modeling, Defensive Enterprise Remediation, and Building Secure Applications in various languages.

One of the cornerstones of the new Learning Labs collection is the WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer (WCSD) program, which was purpose-built to teach Application Security to Developers using the terms and language of their profession. The free program, which attracted over 2,400 developers for its inaugural training series, included 5 educational webinars, access to the ‘OWASP Top 10 for Developers’ CBT module, and a secure coding certification test that has so far seen hundreds of developers successfully complete and become a WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer.

“DevSecOps is transforming application security as a whole. Because DevOps moves at a very fast pace, security needs to move fast too, delivering accurate results in near real-time. However, without the foundational understanding of how to fix the vulnerabilities identified through security testing, developers will simply not be able to keep up with the data,” said Eric Sheridan, WhiteHat’s Chief Scientist. “The goal of WhiteHat Learning Labs is to empower both DevOps teams and security teams with a solid foundation in security principles and best practices in development. With proper training and education, developers and their security teammates can collaborate to deliver secure applications at the speed of business.”

Besides the WCSD developer training, WhiteHat Learning Labs content and programming arms Security Practitioners with a deeper understanding of application vulnerabilities, remediation and industry best practices; as well as IT and Security Executives with third-party information and guidance on AppSec and DevSecOps trends, educational options, technologies and strategies.

Added Sheridan, “Application security training and education can be costly, and while there is scattered information available online, it takes valuable time to locate. Through WhiteHat Learning Labs, we will eliminate cost as a barrier and accelerate DevSecOps adoption by providing the basic knowledge and training required to secure digital business. As a trusted and respected leader in AppSec, WhiteHat is uniquely equipped to do this.”

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WhiteHat Security has been in the business of securing applications for over 15 years. In that time, we’ve seen applications evolve and become the driving force of the digital business, but they’ve also remained the primary target of malicious hacks. The WhiteHat Application Security Platform is a cloud service that allows organizations to bridge the gap between security and development to deliver secure applications at the speed of business. This innovative platform is one of the reasons why WhiteHat has won numerous awards and been recognized by Gartner as a Leader in application security testing four times in row.  The company is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., with regional offices across the U.S. and Europe. For more information on WhiteHat Security, please visit, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.



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