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How a low-code platform can help make software more secure

Low-code platforms for software development are being hailed as the salvation for enterprises short on coders and long on mobile projects. But they may have another, less obvious benefit: helping to build security into the development process.

If so, the timing couldn’t be better. Huge security breaches continue, with the most recent being the Equifax hack of as many as 143 million personal records. And a just-released survey from WhiteHat Security of 15,000 web applications shows while security efforts are slowly improving, nearly 50% of applications remain so riddled with easy targets that they could be hacked every single day of the year.

“Building security into the software development process is more than just a catchy phrase,” said Kevin Greene, program manager in the cybersecurity division of the Department of Homeland Security, speaking at DevSecCon in Boston. “It has to be in all phases of software development.”

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