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2018 WhiteHat Application Security Statistics Report Is a Call to Arms for DevOps Teams

Today, we released the results of our newest threat research compiled in the 2018 Application Security Statistics report, “The Evolution of the Secure Software Lifecycle.” This research revealed that serious vulnerabilities continue to increase across all major industries. Additionally, enterprises are still struggling with long windows of exposure to these vulnerabilities and high times to fix, which has driven up security risk levels compared with last year’s report. 

As in prior years, the 2018 Stats report tracked the following critical metrics that determine the overall state of application security:

  • Window of Exposure: 33 percent increase from last year
  • Remediation Rate: same as last year
  • Time to Fix: 2 percent increase from last year

Overall, these metrics indicate a worsening state of application security, which has surprisingly seen its skill and resource gap widen even in an environment where applications have become more critical to running a business, and in the face of an ever-increasing volume and complexity of attacks, the net result is that applications today create an exponential business risk.