Web Applications Security Statistics On-Demand Webinar

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On-Demand Webinar

WhiteHat Security’s 2016 Web Applications Security Stats Report Explained
In this insightful and data-rich one-hour webinar Ryan O’Leary, Vice President of WhiteHat Security’s Threat Research Center and Technical Support, and Tamir Hardof, Chief Marketing Officer, will present findings from our 2016 Web Applications Security Statistics Report.
The Report, compiled using data collected from tens of thousands of websites, reveals that on average the majority of web applications exhibit two or more serious vulnerabilities per application for every industry at any given point in time. We will provide unique perspectives on the state of website security. Data by industry will be presented and accompanied by expert analysis and recommendations.


Why Attend?

  • Learn which industries declined, improved, or greatly improved their remediation rates
  • Learn how many vulnerabilities are typically remediated and the average time to resolve
  • Learn why knowing your risk rating can help you prioritize which vulns to fix first
  • Discover the 3 most common web application vulnerabilities