Static Analysis for Secure DevOps Practices

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* WhiteHat Scout is available for Java applications only. WhiteHat Scout is completely secure; data is encrypted in transit and at rest. All artifacts are deleted upon scan completion.


Static Application Security Testing – At Speeds Required for DevOps

WhiteHat Scout, a part of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, offers static application security testing (SAST) for developers who are integrating security into their application development workflow.

Based on our Attack Vector IntelligenceTM technology, WhiteHat Scout delivers the most accurate application security results at the speeds required for secure DevOps implementations.



Sign up now for your WhiteHat Scout 14 Day Trial, the industry’s most accurate security testing product for Java developers.  Scan your applications for top Java vulnerabilities, as you are writing code, to find and fix common vulnerabilities – in minutes.

Start creating secure applications, right from the first line of code.



  •  It’s fast. You can get security scan results in minutes and fix vulnerabilities before the code is pushed to production for DevOps automation.
  •  It’s accurate. You hate wasting time. Heck, you don’t have time to waste with your DevOps tools. Scout provides highly accurate results that you can immediately fix.
  •  It’s private. You run the scans because you care about code quality, and only you have access to the results.
  •  It’s your Personal Coach. Detailed vulnerability descriptions and results provide you the valuable guidance as DevOps training that you need to fix the flaws as you find them when developing software.