SANS 2016 Survey: Security and Risk in the Financial Sector

Part 2: Securing Financial Environments

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Part 2: Securing Financial Environments

The financial sector is highly regulated, and as a result, often focuses on compliance. However, compliance rarely results in excellence, and thus financial institutions continue to suffer security-related breaches and losses, particularly by insiders according to the 2015 SANS survey on security spending and preparedness in the financial services sector.  In addition, new financial tools, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Bitcoin, PayPal and others, also introduce new security vulnerabilities.

This webcast will focus on the relationship between compliance and security, and the best practices organizations can use to secure their financial environments. Specifically, attendees will learn about:

  • The relationship between compliance and security
  • The effectiveness of tools, skills and controls
  • Ways to improve security effectiveness and reduce risk
  • How to align security, risk and compliance programs with business goals



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