Path Traversal: The Cause and the Cure

TRC Experts Explain

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WhiteHat Security has built one of the largest and skilled teams of security experts anywhere on the planet. These experts comprise our Threat Research Center (TRC), and they are an integral component of the WhiteHat Sentinel product family. Join us for an opportunity to gain insight from members of our TRC, when they share their expertise on application security threats companies face today. Path traversal exploits, sometimes known as directory traversal, are one of the many ways hackers will try to get into your web applications. And of course, those bad guys are always coming up with clever modifications. Fortunately, our Threat Research Center (TRC) team is on top of things. If you want to stay abreast of secure development practices, this webinar is for you. In this webinar, team members Katherine Haworth, application security engineer, and Zach Jones, senior manager of TRC static code analysis, will:

  • Delve into what a path traversal exploit consists of
  • Demonstrate a new way of exploiting a flaw in website application coding that allows a path traversal attack
  • Explain how to prevent such attacks through whitelisting and secure coding practices