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Application and data security professionals can and must learn from each other, and that’s the theme of this partner spotlight.


Look inside for:

  • Results from DZone’s 2016 security survey of 517 software professionals in Europe and the U.S.
  • A list of the seven most worrisome security threats and how to block them.
  • Recommendations for ways SAST and DAST can help development and security work together harmoniously.


The DZone survey finds divided opinions about who should be responsible for web application security testing, with about half the respondents saying it should be in the hands of development rather than security teams and frameworks.


Other survey findings:

  • On average, respondents say 20% of their company’s application releases contain known security vulnerabilities.
  • Only 12% say release schedules never override security concerns.


Meanwhile our audience identified DDoS, SQL injection and phishing as top security concerns, followed by XSS, man in the middle, Trojans and CSRF.


All in all, a rich source of application and data security insights.