Application Security Terminology


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Web Application Security Testing Tools

Web application security testing tools help companies secure their websites, web-based services, and web applications.

2017 Application Security Statistics Report


Ultimately, website security depends on the processes and people implementing a security program. However, in addition to best practices, security assessments and other security measures such as safe coding practices need to be augmented with specific security tools. These include things such as authentication, encryption, vulnerability scanners (like SAST& DAST), intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion protection (IPS) systems, anti-malware defenses, mobile device management (MDM), firewalls , and assessment tools.

Web application security tools bolster security throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC), and they continue monitoring live web applications. Moreover, as the complexity and scale of websites have increased, companies need to rely on web application security testing tools to sift through the vast amounts of data collected as they try to spot anomalies and identify vulnerabilities.