Application Security Terminology


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Web Application Monitoring

Web application monitoring tests and logs the status and performance of software that works over a network. Web application monitoring tools can include real-time process monitoring, interactive performance dashboards, and custom monitoring templates, to name a few. The software being tested typically includes consumer-facing web applications and flash web applications. Monitoring can be ongoing or periodic, and is often conducted from multiple locations around the world to provide global coverage.

With web application monitoring, real-time charts, and historical reports give you a clear picture of how your website is performing over time, from your users’ perspective. Testing from international locations allows a more comprehensive overview of a web application’s performance, especially when it comes to accessibility and speed. This remote testing better discovers issues with network hop and Internet latency, and can immediately identify trends or performance deviations as they occur.

An application that is unavailable frustrates end users; when an application unreliable, users might very well stop using it.