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Ethical hacking

2017 Application Security Statistics Report


Ethical hacking is a security practice where a hired hacker, either an individual or an appointment within a company, attempts to break into a system, simulating the actions of a malicious cyber-attacker.  The ethical hacker, colloquially known as a white hat hacker, is typically a computer security expert who specializes in pen testing, or penetration testing, and other testing methodologies.  

Ethical hacking plays an important role in checking for weaknesses and entry points in network, infrastructure, and web application security. A white hat hacker uses the same methods as a malicious hacker would use. The goal of the ethical hacker is to test the security of an organization's information systems in order to improve their security. Given the value of ethical hacking, especially considering the damage caused by a successful malicious hacking, there is increasing interest in deploying ethical hackers to combat today’s cyber threats.