Application Security Terminology


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eLearning Software

eLearning (e-learning) software, also called Electronic Learning Softwareis an interactive, electronic learning program. eLearning software can involve tutorials, simulations, drills, and quiz questions. It is delivered through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices connected to the internet. The training software acts as an instructor, and users can learn and complete the course anytime, anywhere, and at their own pace. eLearning software is especially helpful for people who are learning to use specific computer applications since they adapt to each subject matter. The software can be integrated with the specific application.

The WhiteHat Security eLearning platform is a self-paced training application that teaches teams best coding practices, mitigation, and defensive remediation. The information learned from these modules can be used to produce guidelines for consistent and secure programming practices companywide. It includes four different eLearning track options: Application Security for Security Professionals, Application Security for Developers, Application Security Training for the Java Developer, and General Security Education.

WhiteHat wants to make it easy for developers to explore and conquer the world of application security. We’re experts in AppSec, so we’ve launched a Certified Secure Developer Program (WCSD) to enable all developers to write secure code while maintaining the agility and speed their organizations demand.