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DevOps is an Agile-based methodology that helps fluidize and integrate departments, learn about WhiteHat Scout - the most accurate static analysis product available for secure developers. DevOps refers to a workplace ecosystem that streamlines the software development lifecycle (SDLC) by creating cross-functional workflows and strategies across development and operations.  It also includes Quality Assurance (though that department didn’t make it into the term). Highly interconnected, DevOps allows for continuous new projects and quicker releases with fewer oversights. Each role’s input comes in much earlier than pre-DevOps hierarchies. Rather than have separated systems and communication lines, teams can work cross-functionally from design and development, through integration, delivery and deployment, and onto quality assurance after release. DevOps methodologies have also prompted the development of toolsets and technological practices that support that ecosystem.

As the SDLC has picked up pace, security programs, tools, and practices have become progressively more important. The DevOps environment should naturally extend to include security strategies in each development stage, moving to integrate the security mindset into the DevOps ecosystem (aka DevSecOps). Automating processes, including security testing, is an essential way of increasing efficiency while expanding thoroughness, while automated machine-based processes add speed and stability.

WhiteHat Scout, a part of the WhiteHat Application Security Platform, offers static application security testing (SAST) for developers who are integrating security into their application development workflow. Based on our Attack Vector IntelligenceTM technology, WhiteHat Scout delivers the most accurate application security results at the speeds required for secure DevOps implementations. Give WhiteHat Scout a test drive - start free trial!