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Cookies are also known as HTTP cookies, web cookies, Internet cookies, and browser cookiesThey are small pieces of information sent from a website and stored on a user’s computer by the web browser as text strings. Cookies allow websites to record the user’s browsing activity, such as visited pages. Cookies also remember previously entered information, such as name, address, password, and username. When the user returns to a website, the browser sends the cookies to the web server and fills in the previously completed information.

Cookies help companies create a more customized user experience. However, cookies also allow companies to take advantage of your browsing history. Because they track you and your surfing habits over time, they can build a profile of your interests and sell that information to an advertising company. Or they might see interest in a particular product and raise prices when you return to their site. Unless you are using a trusted and regularly visited site, it is a good practice to clear or disable browser cookies.

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