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Winning Together: Now is the Time to Build Lasting Customer Relationships

At the intersection of digital transformation

The last few months have been unprecedented times for all of us. Individuals, organizations, and customers alike are facing incredible challenges as they grapple with the ever-changing new norms. Organizations are facing incredibly challenging decisions as they focus on their business continuity plans to protect their employees, while also dealing with shifting customer priorities and continuous budget changes.

As customer sentiments and behaviors change and entire workforces are shifting to working remotely, organizations are rethinking their business strategies, and have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation plans to succeed in this new economy. Digitalization goals planned over the next 2-3 years are now being fast-tracked for success as we all struggle to carve out a path for the future. One of the main pillars of this digital transformation represents the applications that run an organization’s business. Applications are increasingly becoming the driving force of today’s digital economy.

Many businesses have to deal with two important challenges now. First, for continued business success, they have to place greater importance on their e-commerce businesses. Second, their workforce is now operating remotely and accessing critical applications from anywhere at any time. This sudden shift has significantly increased cyber risks and allows sophisticated hackers to exploit any opportunity to disrupt, threaten critical data, and do maximum damage. The hackers are doing it through the most common and vulnerable attack surfaces, which are the very applications that businesses rely on to succeed.

Application-specific attacks are on the rise. APIs, web and mobile applications were the most common attack types across all major industries, and this trend will continue in the coming years. Therefore, application security has become increasingly critical and organizations are looking for experienced application security providers to implement and secure their DevOps processes and reduce their risk posture. WhiteHat Security is committed to helping you in this effort and keeping your digital doors open and safe.

Let’s keep moving forward together

WhiteHat Security’s mission is simple but a very important one: Secure the digital future.

In addition, WhiteHat is in this long-term and firmly believes that relationships don’t end once the contract is signed. Customers matter to us, and we will only succeed when our customers succeed.

With WhiteHat as your trusted partner, you can access the most accurate and effective application security testing tools and services. These tools and services provide you with a competitive edge by consistently enabling you to stay ahead of application-level attacks. Cybersecurity is a team sport, and choosing the right partner to help you stay securely on the track is critical to winning the race – and securing the digital future!

Don’t miss a single turn

With our robust risk assessment approach, organizations can remain up-to-date on application-related exploits and be more proactive about their cybersecurity risk posture.

Who we are?  Recognized as a five-time leader by Gartner for Application Security Testing, WhiteHat Security provides organizations with industry-proven, comprehensive application security testing services.


What do we do?  We partner with organizations and help them understand and assess their applications’ risk posture. This knowledge adds value and capacity to companies’ existing security teams, which increases confidence, and peace of mind, to focus on driving the future.


Why are we different? 
  • We work with organizations to get the job done. We know we are all in this together.
  • We have been doing this for close to 20 years, we are experts and businesses can count on us to get things done – and done well.
  • At the end of the day, no matter what our customers and prospects ask for or need, we always make it our priority to truly help.
  • We have the most comprehensive, industry-proven products to secure your applications.


Going the distance

These are challenging times, and business leaders realize that cybersecurity is a team sport. The need for a trusted, and genuinely collaborative partner, with the right experience, tools and services to help, has never been critical to staying ahead – and thriving. And, here at WhiteHat, we are committed to helping our customers not only with their strategies for today but also for tomorrow. WhiteHat stands by their customers and helps them push the limits to drive innovation and secure their app-driven future.

Here at WhiteHat Security, our biggest asset is our customers, and we could not be prouder of that. So, what’s next? Our team is here for you. Are you ready to secure the digital future?