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WhiteHat’s Joseph Feiman Named a Finalist for Security Innovator of the Year in the 2021 SC Awards

Joseph Feiman, Chief Strategy Officer at WhiteHat Security, has been named a finalist in the 2021 SC Awards for Security Innovator of the Year. The SC Awards has honored and recognized the best in U.S. cybersecurity for 24 years, publicly acknowledging people, organizations, and products that are forging the industry’s future and advancing the cause of safe and secure business and social environments. Final winners of Security Innovator of the Year will be announced May 3.

As Chief Strategy Officer, Joseph oversees WhiteHat’s technical and product vision of the next-generation security solutions equipped to respond to a rapidly changing digital threat landscape.

“Joseph’s strategic vision has immensely impacted our application security offering in just the few years he has been here. His precise knowledge of the AppSec market keeps the entire organization one step ahead in understanding our customers pains,” said Craig Hinkley, Chief Executive Officer at WhiteHat Security.

Joseph was an early advocate for cloud-native, community native, API-focused application security, and his vision has led to the company’s development and integration of these new technologies into WhiteHat’s industry-leading lineup of solutions. Joseph spearhead innovation research at WhiteHat, and was granted a patent by the US Patent Office for his invention in application security at the end of 2020.

“Joseph has developed and communicated a clear vision of the future of WhiteHat in which we develop and deliver technologies and services that span the entire SDLC and provide effective mechanisms for driving application security outcomes across a range of application security testing technologies,” said Zach Jones, Senior Director of Detection Research at WhiteHat and one of Joseph’s colleagues. “His identification of the need to innovate in specific application security testing technologies to allow them to meet use cases that have been ignored or viewed as impossible by the industry has encouraged WhiteHat to think in new ways about our core testing technologies. Those new ways of thinking are driving our organization to bring new products to market and transform our business to meet the needs of modern application security and development teams.”

Before leading WhiteHat’s strategy and research, Joseph spent 18 years at Gartner as a Research Vice President and Fellow, contributing immensely to shaping the field of cybersecurity by co-founding application security market category. His knowledge and leadership made him a trusted source for the top security professionals and enterprises across the globe. Joseph has committed his career to building a strategic suite of technology solutions to detect application vulnerabilities and remediate and protect against attacks. He is passionate about educating business and IT professionals on the critical importance of protecting the applications and data most valuable to organizations.  Due to the recent technological and societal changes, Joseph foresees the DevSecOps community growing larger through 2022 than the previous ten years combined, which creates a unique opportunity for application security vendors and open-source security communities to integrate their technologies into DevOps.

“I believe application security is a crucial, yet underserved, segment of enterprise security. At the same time, it is also one of the fastest-growing segments. To stay ahead of a threat landscape that is evolving continuously, organizations must bridge the gap between those building the applications and those defending them, to create a seamless and efficient DevSecOps workflow.” — Joseph Feiman

Earlier this month, Joseph spoke at MediaOps’ Cybersecurity 2021 Virtual Summit, where he dispelled a handful of DevSecOps myths, such as: shift-to-the-left, omnipotent automation and priority of culture. His session also defined key capabilities that application security should have in order to make DevSecOps a reality, as well as his take on industry trends and market estimates.

You can watch his full presentation below