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WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic: Bringing Deeper Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to DAST and Empowering DevSecOps

It seems wherever you turn these days, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are being touted as silver bullets that will save one sector of the economy or act as the catalyst for major advances in another – banking and finance, medicine and healthcare, even shopping and retail. But before you dismiss their potential impact on DevSecOps, think for a moment about the growing pressure AppSec teams face each day. Could these futuristic-sounding, but rapidly maturing technologies help solve a major problem here too?

AppSec teams face a constant struggle to keep pace with security testing and are often unable (or unwilling) to allow developer teams to operate in the rapid DevOps environment. Pressure mounts, and the clock ticks. At that point it becomes too easy for developers to skip critical security risk assessment procedures. And it’s getting worse, with more enterprises demanding applications be brought into production in real time. At that point, you’d be forgiven for asking where and when do the testing, security assessments and vulnerability checks fit in?

That’s where ML and AI can help. They are fast and accurate. Indeed, security-focused AI and ML apps have unrivalled speed and accuracy when compared to their more basic, automated predecessors. They are also ‘smart’ and can ‘learn’ from past experiences to influence future outcomes. These characteristics allow AppSec teams to hit their tight production deadlines, carry out comprehensive application security vulnerability checks and gain access to real-time security risk assessments.

These reasons form the basis for WhiteHat Security’s decision to add new AI-based digital security technology to WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic, our best-in-class dynamic application security testing (DAST) solution, which draws from a data lake of 95 million identified vulnerabilities. By doing so, we’re delivering the highest level of accuracy in the shortest timeframe, which can traditionally only be achieved through fully automated testing with additional human verification. Though human verification is always available to our clients, we now offer fully AI-enabled verification, taking just seconds.

With this addition, we’ve been able to increase our already industry-leading accuracy and decrease the time taken to detect security vulnerabilities. We have also been able to provide users with a previously unavailable smart security layer that can form a critical first-response defense from hackers. This will empower developers to create secure web applications at the fast pace demanded by modern businesses.

The addition of AI-based digital security technology to WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic means that new applications can be brought to market at the pace demanded by business while thoroughly assessing potential security risks – thereby addressing the biggest current challenge for DevSecOps.

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