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WhiteHat Employees Share What They’re Most Grateful for at Work this Thanksgiving

Whether you’re planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, a Friendsgiving with your closest mates or perhaps even a Worksgiving with coworkers this year, the spirit of gratitude has lasting benefits no matter who you’re with or where you are.

Just before we head out of the office for Turkey Day, our fellow WhiteHat team members took a few moments to express their gratitude at work, acknowledge each other, the work that we do, and why we do it.

We’re thankful to have these employees at WhiteHat Security and to hear what makes them most grateful at work this Thanksgiving holiday.

Grateful for Coworkers and Teamwork

“I am thankful to work with a wonderful team at WhiteHat Security. I have some of the most supportive, driven and friendly coworkers both on my immediate team as well as throughout the company.”

Lauren Johnson, sr. field marketing & events manager

“I am thankful to be a part of the WhiteHat team and for my quirky colleagues whose silly jokes and eccentricities make every day in the office enjoyable and interesting. I can always count on our random channel in Slack to put a smile on my face.

I’m thankful for the teamwork and effort that WhiteHat Security employees contribute to provide a safer digital world.”

Stephanie Eng, demand generation 

Grateful for Protecting the Data and Privacy of Others

“I’m thankful to be working in the cybersecurity field. We’re all a group of superheroes working together to prevent cybercrimes. Sounds like Minority Report – but it’s better; our ‘precogs’ are thoroughly technical and factual.

Most of the world’s business and much of our daily time is spent online, and I feel proud that our company is contributing in making our connected world safer. Thankful and always great to know that our work is making a difference to the world in a positive way.”

Shweta Khare, sr. product marketing manager

“I’m thankful that I work for a company that not only helps protect data for our customers and the general public but knowing that when I do a good job it helps protect my own data and privacy.”

Harold Sasaki, sr. director IT/TechOps

“I’m thankful for a safe digital ecosystem that’s only made possible by the unyielding efforts of cybersecurity experts and supporting personnel at companies like WhiteHat Security.”

Robert Stenz, vice president of Finance

Grateful for WhiteHat Security

“I’m thankful for my company, which has great benefits and flexible time-off and for my team, who have supported and cared for me through a challenging year in which I’ve dealt with a diagnosis of and adjustment to living with lupus. The WhiteHat Engineering organization has been patient, kind and caring and supplemented me like a family. I couldn’t ask for better teammates.

As consumers of digital services, nearly all of us have been victims of data breaches and hacking. I feel proud to know that the team with whom I work helps to protect our clients from security weaknesses that put us all at risk. And I’m proud to use the services of our customers, knowing that their focus and interest in security make their products better and that they care for the protection of their users.” 

Krista Delucchi, sr. manager, Engineering Program Management

“Living in a world where data breaches and hacked websites are becoming more frequent by the day, I am very thankful to have this opportunity to work at a company that strives to help its customers secure the applications that run their business. It warms my heart, having the chance to help developers write more secure code, knowing that the one vulnerability they learn to avoid today could be the one that keeps me from having my identity stolen a few years down the line. When you throw in the fact that I get to work with an amazing and supportive team and an excellent manager, work does not feel like work.”

Abishek Ramasubramanian, software engineer

Happy Thanksgiving, all! The executive team is equally thankful for each of our employees and appreciates everything they do year round.