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Introducing the WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer Program

If you’re a web app developer, learning about web app security is something you’ll want to do, as it’s quickly becoming a highly-sought-after job skill. The problem is knowing where to begin, if you are new to security. If, you’re lucky and work for a company with established corporate security policies that pays for formal training, you’ll be able to get that crucial initial base security knowledge that you can build upon to get deeper technically and master secure coding techniques.


Now, there’s a solution to this app security learning conundrum for developers who may not have access to security training. WhiteHat Security is pleased to kick off the WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer (WCSD) Program. It is open to all developers free of charge and gives developers that essential jumpstart into understanding app security at a deep technical level.


The program consists of the following:

  1. A five-part webinar series taught by Eric Sheridan, WhiteHat’s Chief Scientist, that teaches developers what they need to know about application security. The webinars provide an introduction to app security; explains how the different pieces fit together; gives an overview of AppSec test tools; describes best practices on how to integrate security into continuous integration DevOps workflows; and include technical deep dives into secure coding techniques.


  1. Complimentary enrollment in a five-hour online computer-based training course: OWASP Top Ten for Developers ($500 value). This interactive course explains the most common ways that hackers attack apps and provides detailed code-level examples of how to defend against the most common security vulnerabilities (e.g., cross-site scripting attacks, SQL injections, cross-site request forgery, and broken authentication / session management vulnerabilities and much more.). At the end of each learning module, developers can test their knowledge with code-level quizzes that come with detailed answer explanations.

After attending all the webinars, you are eligible to take a certification test provided by WhiteHat. Upon passing this test, you will be designated as a WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer and receive a certificate, CPE credits, virtual badge, and qualify for free swag (stickers, hoodies, etc.).


Register today for the WhiteHat Certified Secure Developer Program to learn how to secure your web apps.


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